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High-Tech Video Surveillance

With the right combination of video equipment, cabling, software and server hardware, your company can enhance its ability to protect itself against theft, corporate espionage, personal liabilities, time management abuse, and more. NetworkCloset.com can easily design and implement a solution that fits within your budget and individual needs.

With high-speed Internet connections available practically everywhere, and the low cost monitoring equipment available in todays economy, implementing a video surveillance solution is easier and cheaper then ever before.

NetworkCloset.com offers the following products and services to assist your company with all of its surveillance needs:

  • Coaxial and IP based video cameras
  • Infared night vision equipment
  • Custom CAT5E/Coaxial cabling solutions
  • Industrial power management centers
  • Video archiving appliances and servers
  • Windows or Linux based systems
  • Remote controlled pan & zoom
  • Remotely viewable cameras from any location
  • Off-site/Internet based recording and viewing

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